Membership and Benefits
Heritage Membership Level Details

   Membership is available at the following levels of commitment:
   Platinum - $2,500 or Gold - $1,000.

All Heritage Members receive the core benefits that are available at the Heritage Level and include: an annual TCFB Business Support membership; monthly recognition in the TCFB newspaper, TCFB NEWS; ongoing recognition in TCFB's e-newsletter; recognition at various educational forums and trainings offered to Farm Bureau members.

Gold Heritage Members additionally receive the following: discounted advertising in TCFB NEWS; name recognition on TCFB website; entered into Farm Bureau exclusive Business Referral network.

Platinum Heritage Members receive all the benefits above in addition to: complimentary advertising in annual TCFB Source Book; recognition at TCFB Annual Meeting of Members, recognition at Bounty of the County;  recognition in TCFB Assembly Hall on television; logo recognition on TCFB website homepage and a feature business profile in TCFB NEWS.   

For more information or to sign up as a Heritage Member contact TCFB at 559-732-8301.

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