Tulare County Farm Bureau Scholarship Application
Deadline: March 1, annually
Must currently attend or have graduated from a school in Tulare County to be eligible.

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You will only be selected for one scholarship annually. Please select all criteria that apply below.

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I will major in an agricultural field of study

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One or both of my parents is a farm employee (and does not own or operate a farm)

I attend a school in the Visalia Unified School district

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List your work experience during the past four years. Indicate dates of employment in each job and approximate number of hours worked each week. List the total amount earned at each job.

PositionDate from (mo/yr)Date to (mo/yr)Hours per weekTotal amount earned

List all extracurricular activities (school and community) in which you have participated during the last 4 years without pay
(e.g., Red Cross, church, sports, volunteer work). You may add more to the text box below.

ActivityNo. of years
Special awards, honors received

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Letters of Recommendation: Applicant must submit letters of recommendation (refer to INSTRUCTIONS for guidelines). The names and occupations of the persons (relatives excluded) who are writing the letters of recommendation are:

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Full Name:   Occupation:

Applicant: Describe the most important educational, personal and leadership experiences that have led you to pursue a university education. Include reasons for your choice of major subject and your plans for the future. Use this space only

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Final Checklist: Please remember to submit your transcripts and letters of recommendation as part of your final submission.